Friday, April 29, 2016

24 April 2016

Ha! Still alive and having a great time. It has been a little hectic since I last wrote... Along with some very late nights and early mornings. Jana and I spent Friday in Edinburgh. She wasn't the happiest because we ended up walking 10.2 miles throughout the day. But in my defense, Edinburgh is as beautiful as expected. It might rival other bigger cities I've been to in beauty. I would dare to say it is more beautiful than Copenhagen. Again, I haven't quite mastered pictures on this so bare with me if they don't come out too well..

29 April 2016

Hello! Germany has been so much fun. On Wednesday, I took Jana, her mom, and her mom's boyfriend out to dinner at a typical German schnitzel night. I got zeugeunerschnitzel mit 2 beers! It's always fun eating with many Germans because I don't speak German... So no stress on making sure the conversation doesn't get awkward.

Of course we went to the Irish pub after for karaoke. I didn't sing but I did talk to the bartender with whom I drank with a few years ago. On Thursday we went to hadamar and visited a death camp (different than a concentration camp). Then I had a German date and we got ice cream and then dinner together.

I also got my German breakfast. To remind you, I'm not sure what's so special about German breakfast.. All it is is bread, assorted meats (not sure of any of them) cheese, and Nutella! But they don't really drink tea so I am missing that. Tonight we will just stay in or maybe go for cocktails and then the weekend begins! There is a soccer game we will go to, followed by a dance party and then on Sunday it's 1 May, so just walking around and drinking - the perfect German day.

Friday, April 22, 2016

22 April 2016

Well finally I did make it to the hostel. Sadly, we did have a casualty. That happened to be my checked luggage. So for the time being its dirty shirts and no hair product for this guy.

It was a real experience getting to fly first class. I before coach even begins to board, I had my first complementary drink, some cashiews and got a back massage that was embedded in my seat. I was asked by Jerome what I wanted for dinner and chose the lamb chops. I know I've already mentioned that, but I wanted to reiterate how that half lives, since on the flight after from London to Paris, I was presented with crab salad and duck confit on a bread.

When I made it to Aberdeen, I was very nervous since my plane landed at 7:55 and my train to Edinburg departed at 9:05. Coupled with the fact that my luggage didn't show up, I was a right mess. But again, great planning by me (sic) lead to me getting to the train station at 8:50, so I didn't even need to worry. Even more so, Jana and I met up and didn't really even get lost getting to the hotel. So I got to bed around 2:00am Scottish time. So now some shopping so I can wear fresh clothes and sightseeing! I am trying to figure out how to post photos so you will have to be patient in that regard! Sorry!!

 I might have figured it out. I am on my phone so don't judge. This was the option for my transatlantic flight for just the main courses. There were 4 other courses I enjoyed. And below is the "snack" I got on my way to Paris.

Finally, I wanted to show a picture that I found to be humorous. For background, in the UK there are a ton of rules and regulations evereytwhere dictating proper behavior, especially in public. While in the US, you can pretty much do what you want, here it's more important to be polite and not stick out. Anyway, when I arrived in Aberdeen, the first thing I saw reminded me of this.

Children should never be within one meter of the moving belt!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

21 April 2016

I made it! No.. Actually I have only made it to London. I am currently sitting waiting for the second leg of my trip. On the way here, I got to fly first class on the way here, my first such time flying first class on a transatlantic flight. I was pretty impressed to see how the other half lives. Not to be nitpicking but while my lamb chops were seasoned beautifully, I thought they were slightly overcooked for my liking.

Before coming back to Europe, I was talking to Chris about what I was most excited for. I was most excited to be in a group of people, such as a restaurant, an airport, etc. and for it to be nearly silent. What I mean by that is people's voices, especially in Britain, never go above a volume level of 2. I am sitting in the airport and then loudest thing in the concourse is a gentleman's cane hitting the floor.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

7 April 2016

Well I am back at it. I will be heading to Europe at the end of the month, first to Scotland and then to Germany. As with my previous entries, I will try my best to keep everyone up to date with my shenanigans and adventures. So far, what I have planned is driving to a few different villages in Scotland, visiting Edinburgh, reconnecting with all the Germans in Oberbrechen and getting a chance to visit Mannheim.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

27 May

So yesterday I rented a car from Dublin. It is no joke about how difficult the roundabouts are when you have to drive on the left side. I drove all day and wound up at a bed and breakfast. It was very relaxing which was needed. I managed to take a few photos of the countryside:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

24 May

Hello. Here in Liverpool and it has been a busy day. I woke and went to the Beatles museum first thing this morning. It was amazing. I spent 3 hours there and could have spent another. After that, I went to the Tate Liverpool, which is an art museum. It was smaller than expected but ok. It was mostly modern art, which I am not a fan of. From there to the museum of Liverpool. By then it was 3 and I needed lunch so I stopped in a pub and grabbed some fish and chips. I then found another art museum and wandered the rest of the day. Tomorrow I am off to Dublin via train and ferry, so hopefully it is a relaxing travel day.